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Elizabeth Forward Library

Elizabeth Forward School District

Core Architects Pittsburgh

As Design Architect and Construction Manager; the traditional high school library at Elizabeth Forward High School transformed to a new high tech, interactive Media Center. This project was an extension of the 2011 development of a new Entertainment Technology Academy at the High School. Both projects were substantially funded by grants from the Grabel Foundation. The District abandoned the traditional concept of “Library”, with it’s outdated stacks, reading areas, and “quietness”.

The new Media Center is an interactive environment that offers different learning and relaxing areas for students to “relax”, “hang-out”, “perform”, and “geek-out”. The space is outfitted with computers in a structured-learning area, computers and smart boards in a self-taught software development and gaming area, soft seating, a performance “stage” area, and a reduced stacks/reading area for books and quiet learning. There is a new TV Production Studio, as well as a new Sound-Studio area off of the main Media Center space. Another feature of the new Media Center is a Coffee Bar, from which students can purchase drinks and snacks.

Panel Discussion: Best Practices & Implementation


Completed prior to the formation of Core Architects llc, the Elizabeth Forward Library and Elizabeth Forward Technology Center were the headlines of a panel discussion focusing on propelling classrooms into the future.

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