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Guiding Principles of Design


No building, no matter how beautiful or well detailed, is successful unless it meets your functional needs. We put a premium on the programming and strategic planning phases of the project in an effort to understand your operations as well as you do. Our Strategic Master Planning Process is designed to devote time and energy to pre-design planning in order to build a Knowledge Base about your operations, until our design team has a thorough understanding of your functional needs. We listen. There is always more than one solution to a building design challenge - and we work closely with the client to analyze a variety of options as early in the process as possible, until all Stakeholders agree that we have the solution that best meets your operational needs.


Quality of Life

"Buildings" house people and processes. "Architecture", on the other hand, can improve the quality of life. We believe a building can be more than merely a functional group of spaces, put together intelligently, and for a fair price. A great design can uplift the spirit and define a living/working/learning environment as a special place - a place of welcome and order and harmony. We strive to balance function and value with aesthetic character to achieve outstanding results - buildings that you can be proud of.

Best Value

No project, no matter how well designed, meets your needs if the cost is too high. Our goal is to balance project scope and quality against your ability to fund the project in a way that provides the highest "bang for your buck". We consider a good design to be one that is efficient, constructable, and creative in fulfilling the programmatic needs of the client - for a reasonable cost.


Core Architects Pittsburgh

The room is beyond what I imagine it could be!  Thank you so much for ALL of your help!  Words cannot express my gratitude for your time and ideas for this project. This is something I will never forget throughout my future in education!

Dr. Todd E. Keruskin - Assistant Superintendant

Elizabeth Forward School District

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