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Elizabeth Forward Technology Center

Elizabeth Forward School District

As Design Architect and Construction Manager for the creation of a new Entertainment Technology Academy at Elizabeth Forward High School; this unique project was conceived by the District Administration as a way to incorporate modern learning into the traditional high school environment. The project consists of construction of a 21st century interactive classroom learning environment.


A standard “computer” room was renovated to provide a conceptual background for different learning styles. The first course offered by the new Academy was titled “Gaming Through the Ages”. In this classroom, students apply creative and scientific principles to “develop” new interactive games and technologies. To design this project, Core conducted a design competition among our young and aspiring design staff. Three options were selected for presentation to the School District, and the District selected the preferred option for further development and implementation. The classroom was constructed by the District’s Maintenance staff in order to reduce costs. Grants, resources, and donations to fund the project were received from the Grable Foundation, Schell Games, Idea Foundry, Sprout Fund, Zulama, and Core.

Panel Discussion: Best Practices & Implementation


Completed prior to the formation of Core Architects llc, the Elizabeth Forward Library and Elizabeth Forward Technology Center were the headlines of a panel discussion focusing on propelling classrooms into the future.

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