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Founder's Hall 6th Grade Academy

McKeesport Area School District

Core Architects Pittsburgh

Architectural design and strategic planning services were provided to the the McKeesport Area School District for a renovation and addition project to expand the existing Founders Hall Middle School from a Grade 7-8 school to a Grade 6-8 school. The existing school, which was previously renovated by our firm, underwent mechanical and electrical renovations required to add air conditioning, as well as upgrading of interior finishes to increase durability, and renovation of existing athletic facilities and associated locker rooms.

The District constructed a new 40,000 SF addition to the building which will house a 6th Grade Academy. The new addition contains classrooms and educational support spaces on the upper two floors, and additional locker and athletic facilities on the basement level. This school is designed to function in a way that substantially separates the 6th grade from the 7th and 8th grades. While all grades will share common spaces such as the gymnasium, library, cafeteria and auditorium, the educational spaces for the grade levels will be kept separate. Two discreet entrances/bus drop-offs have been developed to provide further separation.

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