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Dickson Intermediate School

Woodland Hills Area School District


The Twin Rivers Primary and Intermediate School is a 127,000 GSF new building that educates approximately 850 of the District’s K-5 students in two separate “schools within a school”. The building is designed with two separate academic wings for grades K-2 and 3-5 students. Each “school” shares the central cafeteria, multi-purpose gymnasium, and media center, but will have it’s own administration and entrance. The building will operate on two separate bus and bell schedules to further separate the age groups. The building sits on the site of the former Cornell Internediate School, which was demolished as part of this project.


The new building is the first LEED Gold certified school in western Pennsylvania. Sustainable design features include: a hybrid ground-source (geothermal) heating and cooling system, a rainwater collection (cistern) system for irrigation and flushing toilets, low-usage plumbing fixtures, advanced lighting controls, extensive daylighting throughout, small wind turbines (which power corridor  lighting), and an ultra-robust exterior envelope that was constructed using a pre-fabricated structural

STEP (Steel Thermal Efficient Panel) framing system. The MEP equipment is visible and highlighted with museum lighting in glass enclosed mechanical rooms, and an interactive display system functions to make the building a teaching tool for the school and the community..

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